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3d 4d ultrasound

3d ultrasound nj

3d 4d ultrasound nj

4d ultrasound NJ

3d4d ultrasound 

3D & 4D Ultrasound NJ 

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3d 4d ultrasound

3d 4d Ultrasound


We are a family owned establishment.  Our technicians have over 4 years experience scanning using 3D 4D technology.  3D/4D ultrasounds require a much different technique then when scanning in traditional 2D.  Did you know?  Our tech is registered by the ARDMS in obgyn and is currently employed by St. Barnabas high risk obgyn clinic and has the maximum amount of  experience in the necessary fields of ultrasound.  Our techs have also had an additional training specifically in 3D 4D ultrasound, which is not offered while in school for ultrasound.  So while another place may tell you the placenta is in the way or the babies position is not favorable, we have been taught  methods  to work around those issues.     

When finding out the gender of your baby at 4D Ultrasounds NJ we have an 100% accuracy track record.  Get ready for a relaxing, enjoyable ultrasound when coming in as early as 15 weeks for gender,  no pushing or shaking  your belly  is necessary to get your baby to move.  There are many more efficient and simple ways to get a uncooperative baby to move at an early trimester.  

Information on coming in for your 3D Ultrasound.  If you are over 32 weeks, no need to worry.  At that this time getting good 3D images of the fetus is still possible based on the expertise of the ultrasound technician. Clear images are possible to the end of the pregnancy depending on the position of the baby, placenta and amount of amniotic present around the face.  Unlike your diagnostic ultrasound visit, customers of 3D ultrasound centers are not advised to hold their urine or have a full bladder before their 3D ultrasound appointment.  In order to get good images, We advise clients to drink adequate amounts of water (32 ounces/day) for the one to two weeks prior to their appointment. This is in order to ensure there is an adequate amount of amniotic fluid around the fetus and that the fluid is clear. Drinking large amounts of water immediately before your 3D ultrasound appointment does not help to have clearer 3D/4D ultrasound images.  

Our viewing room in very spacious and can accommodate up to ten people.  Enjoy viewing your baby with loved ones in a relaxing, exciting, atmosphere.  Have any questions?  Our tech would be more then happy to answer.  Because we are non diagnostic we can not give you any medical information about the baby like  weight, fluid measurements etc.  We can tell you if the baby has hair, heart rate, gender, and much more.  In our office we have many informational brochures and samples that our clients are more then welcome to take home and try out. Recently we networked with Tia & Tamera to introduce their new product MILKY! Created to enhance and improve lactation.  So go ahead, take a few home!  Read more about Milky! at 

My Baby's Heartbeat Bear

Looking for a unique pregnancy keepsake? There is nothing more precious to an expectant Mother than the sound of her baby's heartbeat. My Baby's Heartbeat Bear provides everything you need to capture the sound of your baby's heartbeat and create a keepsake that will be cherished forever. Our kit includes an adorable stuffed animal, and a 20 second red heart recorder that will easily record your baby's heartbeat. My Baby's Heartbeat Bear Kits also make fantastic baby shower gifts!

NJ 3D/4D baby ultrasounds are non diagnostic and not to be in place of your diagnostic ultrasound prescribed by your doctor.  We will have you fill out and sign a form while in office that confirms you are under the care of a physician.  Insurance will not cover a 3D Ultrasound in NJ.  Many families inquire about the difference between 3D and 4D Ultrasound.  A 3D image is just a still image of the baby  while 4D adds motion and allows us to view your baby in a live stream.  During all of our 3D ultrasounds you will view the baby in 4D.  Depending on what package you purchase determines if you take home 3D images or both 3D images &  a 4D live movie on DVD of your baby.  

We are conveniently located off NJ Parkway EXIT 109

2nd Floor

521 Newman  Springs Road

Lincroft NJ 07738

September 22, 2013  7:50am
Thank you for an amazing gender reveal session! We were so impressed with your ultrasound technician and your facility. The heartbeat teddy bear is awesome and the DVD will always be watched! Thanks again for everything!! -Wendy and Alex
March 5, 2014 9:29pm
We had a great experience today at belly 2 birth. Baby wasn't cooperating at first but the technician took her time and we finally got some amazing pics! It was a wonderful experience all around. We highly recommend them. - Adrianne Benitez
January 23, 2014 12:10pm
We visited Belly 2 Birth in August 2013 for our gender determination at 16 weeks had a wonderful experience. The technician was very professional and was extremely patient when baby wouldn't cooperate. She took the extra time to be certain she was absolutely sure that our little one was a boy before telling us and laughed along with us when Dad fell out of his chair with excitement! It was a very special day to find out our little man was joining our family. One of my favorite pregnancy moments is the "victory lap" Dad did around the parking lot when he got the wonderful news that he was getting the boy he wanted so much! We highly recommend them to any family who is expecting! - Siobhan Condran

Our establishment has had the experience of  scanning over 2,500 babies and counting!!!!

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